Macs are out to get me

I’m a fairly technical guy, or so I like to think. Sadly, my Macs seem to be revolting!

It all started when Joe offered me the use of an SSD (a type of harddrive) for my work MacBook Pro. I leapt at the chance thinking it would take a couple hours to clone my old drive and slap in the new one.

12 hours later I had the new disk installed AND I had to manually copy over my old files. Sigh.

This evening I came home and tried to start my Mac Pro. It won’t start, just gives me a flashing light (which means there is some funky RAM installed).


OK, I thought, why not make sure my Mac Mini (which has all my music and videos on it) is doing alright! I log into it and all the applications seem to be missing. I can’t launch Software Update or anything. That’s odd. I reboot the thing, and now it won’t boot. Apple’s disk utility tells me something is deeply wrong with the disk… which isn’t a problem because Time Machine has been faithfully backing up all of my precious files, right? Nope, it would seem Time Machine has been silently failing without even a whisper.


I have most of my music backed up elsewhere, and I am fairly certain I’ll be able to restore all the files from the disk (at the very least), but it is a hassle to say the least.

Damn technology!

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