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New York City – Day Two in pictures

We woke up hungry, but we wanted to get going. We down to Union Square to check out the green market there. Before we did any serious checking, though we had breakfast at the Coffee Shop (I had pancakes, if you’re wondering):

Mmmm, carrots:

It wasn’t that hot out, but clearly this dog wasn’t enjoying being out and about… so he sought some shade under a table:

Marisa samples some of the local flora:

Hippy teas:

I took this picture for Jason Snell (he knows why):

The Strand, one of my favorite stops in NYC:

Five days a week for four years I took the subway to this stop:

To go here:

Marisa thought my high school was ‘fancy.’ Well, it is on the Upper Eastside and all:

Speaking of fancy, we stopped by this little jewelry store (this is one of Tiffany’s flagship stores… 6 floors of expensive, shiny things):

Some lucky girl got a present:

Then we walked back to the hotel before meeting up with my brother for some dinner. On the way we stopped in at the LEGO store in Rockefeller Center which features some LEGO renditions of some famous Art Deco pieces:

And then we played checkers on a Microsoft Surface (Marisa beat me):

Walking down 6th Avenue I snapped this picture… a great end tothe day:

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