Barnes and Noble: Book + eBook


When Amazon first started their big push into eBooks lots of people said, “That’ll never take off unless Amazon bundles the electronic version with the physical book.” Amazon never did that (to my knowledge) but they seem to be doing OK in the eBook biz.

Barnes and Noble, on the other hand, has been struggling a little in the eBook space. They have just launched Nook Study, which looks interesting, and then there is the picture above.

I happened to be in my local Barnes and Noble (the one across from Rittenhouse Square for those of you who know Philadelphia) when I came across this sign. Barnes and Noble is bundling free eBooks with certain physical copies!

It is a limited time offer, and all the books I would have been interested in I had already read, but it is a good use of BN’s big advantage: their brick and mortar stores.

On the other hand, that visit did prompt me to buy three books: all on my Kindle.

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