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1: “We’ll Always Have Zeppelins” – The Incomparable

The Internet is an odd place, don’t you think? Where else could an innocent request for some reading suggestions turn into a podcast about geek culture?

A while back John Siracusa (at least I think it was him) asked folks on Twitter for some book recommendations. A flurry of suggestions popped up (the Venn diagram of the people I follow and the people John follows overlaps greatly), which gave Jason Snell an idea: why not create a podcast to talk about SciFi/fantasy books as well as comics, TV and movies?

That podcast is the Incomparable, and the first episode is “We’ll Always Have Zeppelins”. This episode features Glenn Fleishman, Dan Moren, Jason Snell, and myself chatting about geeky books. Given the fact that I hadn’t read two of the three books discussed, there isn’t an overwhelming amount of the patented “McNulty charm” in this episode, but rest assured that it will be on display in future episodes.

Anywho, here are links to the books that I mentioned in this episode, should you want to read one for yourself:

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