Tweet tweet, here’s your password

twitterpassword.jpgOne of the many reasons I love OS X is because it includes a tiny little program called “Keychain Access,” which does more than one might assume. It is sort of a central place where OS X stores passwords, credentials, and the like.

I use Keychain Access fairly frequently to come up with random passwords for various things. Today, I needed to create a blog account for someone, so I turned to Keychain Access to create a memorable, but complex, password. See that third password option? Twitter!

When the Twitter obession crosses over into password utilities it is clear to me that all the cool kids are using some new, and little known, service. I wonder what it is.

2 responses to “Tweet tweet, here’s your password”

  1. I think it’s probably just you that’s obsessed with the service. Keychain Access uses the dictionary file found at /usr/share/dict/words and combines its output with symbols and numbers to create those memorable passwords. You can also find this file on other UNIX systems.
    “twitter” is a legitimate word found in said file. Before some overly trendy Web 2.0 folks developed a service to replicate the emo meanderings at LiveJournal in shorter bursts, it actually meant a noise that a bird would emit.

  2. I’m sensing you are not a Twitter fan (call me crazy, I just get these feelings sometimes).
    This post was a joke, since I know twitter is actually a word. I just thought it was funny (and oddly enough a draft of this post was sitting in MarsEdit for 3 months! I just decided to post it whilst on the train this morning).

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