Does this mean I’m actually Internet famous now?


Those who are close to me know one thing, above all else, about me: my name isn’t Dick Michael Michaels. And yet, according to this Facebook profile Mr. Michaels (if that is your real name, and it probably isn’t) looks almost exactly like me.

Here’s the picture he nabbed from me (it is from this blog post about stepping out of your comfort zone).

For some reason Mr. Michaels is impersonating me on Facebook, and harassing people (mostly Yankees Fans.. if Gruber were on Facebook no doubt my social media doppelgänger would be harassing him as well).

Thanks to Jon for sending me a link to this dude’s Facebook profile (you have to be logged into Facebook to see it). I’ve reported him as an impersonator so we’ll see how long it takes Facebook to realize that I’m the One True Scott McNulty.

Accept no substitutes.

On Twitter my bio is “I’m almost Internet famous.” I think this incident nudged me a little closer to full on Internet fame.

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  1. I forgot to mention when we talked last week that someone at work knew exactly who you were when I mentioned your name (he was going on and on about Macs).

  2. That’s funny! Yes, there is only one Scott McNulty! Did I ever tell you that I once saw a quote from Blankbaby on a dog chat board?

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