See America


I don’t know what it is, perhaps because I am getting older, or because I feel more settled… but I’ve been on a bit of a home furnishings kick.

I haven’t ordered these framed posters yet (because Marisa rightly pointed out that I already have lots of art that needs framing) but I’m blogging it to remember them.

Something about this particular style appeals to me. Given my love of Mission and Arts and Crafts stuff, it is clear I was born about 70 or 80 years too late (though, what did people DO at work without computers and the Internet? Seriously, what did they do? Did they mimeograph funny pictures of cats and send them to one another via inter-office mail?).

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  1. Those are awesome posters, love the graphics.
    I’ve been to Garden of the Gods in Colorado, too. Very neat, worth a visit if you ever find yourself near Colorado Springs.

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