Czech it out, my book in Czech

Holy crap, they translated my book!

I’ve got to admit that being a published author is kind of cool.

When we got back to the apartment tonight there was a package waiting for me. When the front desk guy handed it to me I thought, “Have I ordered something and forgotten about it?”

I ripped open the package when we got into the apartment and found four copies of my WordPress book. It would seem it has been translated into Czech (neat) and so I get four author’s copies.

It is a little odd to have written a book and then see it translated into a language you, yourself, don’t read (they even had someone retake all the screenshots so that they’re in Czech too).

You know what this means! More royalties for me! And, I suppose, since I only need one copy for myself I’ll be giving away the other three copies.

So, if you can read Czech and want a copy of my book leave a comment on this post.

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