A few of my (newish) favorite blogs

While I haven’t been writing as much on my blog as I used to, I still read blogs everyday (often more than once a day! Crazy, I know!).

In the spirit of spreading the love a little, I thought I would highlight a few blogs that I’ve been enjoying as of late:

  • Vulture: This is New York magazine’s blog about pop culture, and I find it strangely fascinating.
  • Jay Lake: Truly, it is a great time to be a reader. Authors tend to enjoy writing… so they tend to keep blogs of their very own (especially the geekier authors out there). Jay Lake is a successful SciFi writer, cancer survivor, and all around nifty dude (well, so I gather from his blog). He blogs about all sorts of things from his cancer treatments to the publishing world.
  • The Millions: A book blog based in Philadelphia? Instant subscribe.
  • Debauchette: It is no secret that you can find pictures of naked people on the Internet. Debauchette gathers tasteful nude pics from across the net. Needless to say this one is not safe for work.
  • Tweetage W@steland: Dave Pell’s very smart blog where he ponders how people are impacted by our ‘connectedness.’

There you go, just a few of the blogs that I find interesting. Feel free to share some of your favorite blogs in the comments (it goes without saying that this blog is one of your favorites!).

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