The Kindle Pocket Guide

kindlepocketguide.jpgI’ll level with you, I was pretty sure my first book was a fluke. I mean, really, who wants to read a book I wrote? Well, it would seem more than a few people bought my WordPress book (I just got my second royalty statement which included a nice check, which is pretty darned good since most folks don’t earn back their advance) so maybe I know a thing or two about writing them thar books.

I’ve not been shy expressing my love of Amazon’s Kindle 2
. I really think that Kindle, for the moment, is the best eBook reader money can buy (the Sony Reader looks nicer, but getting a book onto the damned thing sucks). That’s why Cliff, my editor at PeachPit Press, thought of me when they wanted a book about the Kindle.

I found out that my Kindle book, The Kindle Pocket Guide, was available for purchase on September 26th. I was a little busy getting married at the time, and then I was off on honeymoon, and so I am just getting a chance to write about it.

This book is interesting in that it is only available as an eBook (I know this was a risk, but I thought it was appropriate) so we’ll see how many people out there with Kindles are interested in learning some tips and tricks about the device (both the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX are covered… Amazon was nice enough to announce the DX while I was in the midst of finishing up the first draft of the book, so that was fun updating it!).

If you have a Kindle (or the Kindle iPhone app!), want to know a little bit more about it, and like my writing style you should download a copy.

Oh, and since my mom (hi, mom!) won’t be buying this book any time soon here is a screenshot of the dedication:


And the acknowledgements:


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