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312.jpgIt is Monday, and you know what that means! I subject myself to the terror of posting my weight on the Internet for all to see. When we last left Scott he was rocking the scales at 322, not a good weight. What will the scale have to say today?

Well, you already know it said 312, which means I've shed 10 pounds! Hurrah! It is very funny what working out + eating right will do for you (truth be told I'm doing the first phase of the South Beach diet in order to kickstart the weight shedding, but it still counts darn it!).

Here's to next week!


322.jpgPart of me getting fit again is posting my weight here, on the blog, every week.

I'll weigh myself every Monday and post it to the blog that evening. While this is a little embarrassing at the moment (I had pledged to myself that I would never be over 300 pounds again... but hey donuts happen!) I know that this really helped in the first time I decided I needed to shed some pounds.

I'll be using the wonderful Weightbot iPhone app to track my weight (because I'm a dork), which is where the lovely graphic for this post comes from.

It can only go down from here!

An update on Scott Gets Fit

More like Scott Gets Fat! See what I did there?

My all time low was 281.1 way back in August of 2007. That's 2 frickin years ago! Sadly, I've gained some weight back since then and I know exactly why:

  • I stopped going to the gym regularly
  • I fell back into bad eating habits (more on that in a minute)
  • I wrote two books

See, when I'm writing a book I tend to forget about everything else (including watching my weight). It is fine, really, since I can eat whatever I want, gain a few pounds, but know that once I'm done I'll go back to the gym and eating sensibly and all will be fine.

That's not what happened.

Despite finishing my latest book (which I hear will be available for purchase soon) I didn't go back to the gym. I continued to have a couple of sweet treats a day (if one sweet treat is good, isn't 3 so much better?). The end result is that I've gained back about 40 pounds of weight, which makes me a little sad.

However, now that I am getting married in just a few weeks I have motivation to get back on the getting fit bandwagon. Today marks the start of phase 1 of the South Beach diet (NO! CARBS! 'Til the wedding!) and I am back to hitting the gym. In fact, I am going to see if I can't go to the gym every day from now until September 26th (we'll see if I can keep that up, but I will go at least 5 times a week).

I've lost this weight before, and I know I can do it again (at least I'm still well below my heaviest and my clothes still fit.. which is important!).

The key to success, at least for me, is having a goal. I don't know how much weight I can reasonably lose before the wedding, so I am setting a goal of 50 pounds in 6 months. That seems more than reasonable to me and it'll bring me 10 pounds below my best weight!

Here's to getting fit... again!

I interviewed the Wiggles

The Wiggles. Kids go crazy for them, and until recently I had very little idea who the heck they were. That all changed last week when I sat down to interview them for my day job (yes, I was in the same room with them even though it might not look that way in the video).

They were nice guys, and I enjoyed chatting with them.

When I joined Comcast I wasn't expecting to interview anyone, but it turns out I quite enjoy it (I'll leave it up to you whether or not I'm any good at it!). Here's a link to the YouTube video if you're reading this in a newsreader or something.