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No new iPhone 3G S for me


As you might know, I like Apple products. Generally I upgrade to the latest and greatest as soon as it is announced, but I won’t be doing so in the case of the recently announced iPhone 3G S. Why is that? Well, when I heard that you could get the 16 GB version for $199 I was ready to place my order. What I didn’t consider was that AT&T is subsidizing that price, much like they subsidized the cost of my current iPhone 3G.

Since AT&T wants to actually make some money off the iPhone (the nerve!) I’m not eligible for the upgrade price of $199 until 05/12/2010. That leaves me with the choice of shelling out $400 for a new iPhone, or being happy with my current iPhone (and the free OS update that’ll make it feel like a new phone).

I think I’ll save the money this time around and buy whatever new iPhone is available in May 2010.

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