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No new iPhone 3G S for me


As you might know, I like Apple products. Generally I upgrade to the latest and greatest as soon as it is announced, but I won't be doing so in the case of the recently announced iPhone 3G S. Why is that? Well, when I heard that you could get the 16 GB version for $199 I was ready to place my order. What I didn't consider was that AT&T is subsidizing that price, much like they subsidized the cost of my current iPhone 3G.

Since AT&T wants to actually make some money off the iPhone (the nerve!) I'm not eligible for the upgrade price of $199 until 05/12/2010. That leaves me with the choice of shelling out $400 for a new iPhone, or being happy with my current iPhone (and the free OS update that'll make it feel like a new phone).

I think I'll save the money this time around and buy whatever new iPhone is available in May 2010.

Fork You: Beer here

Not only have I been slacking on blogging here, but I've been slacking on editing episodes of Fork You! Luckily, it has been decided that we are going to shoot some more Fork Yous set in our very own kitchen (since some people seem to prefer those), however, we still have a few Fork You Lives to get up on the site.

Beer Here was filmed during Philadelphia's 2009 Beer Week, and so it was fitting that we cooked a bunch of stuff using beer.

I should really start my own tech blog


Way back in November I posted a little video with side by side footage from a Flip Mino HD and a Kodak Zi6. No one reads my blog (let's be honest here, I haven't been a very good blogger as of late on here anyway!) and yet as of today that video is up to over 30,000 views. Clearly, I should start my own tech blog and live high off the hog like John Gruber.

That, or people are just really interested in seeing footage of both of those cameras compared.