New glasses… kind of

Me wearing said glasses

I mentioned that I was in the market from some sunglasses and the kind folks at Shuron mailed me four pairs of frames so I could try them on my fat face and see if I liked them. Above you can see me modeling a pair (the lenses are just clear plastic). I’m going to put in an order for a pair with tinted lenses so I can use these as sunglasses. It’ll be nifty, don’t you think?

3 responses to “New glasses… kind of”

  1. well aren’t they spiffy… I’m going to have a tee shirt company put that image of you in your new glasses on shirts,with out your knowledge, sell them for fiddy bucks, and pocket the profits. You don’t get a thing. How’s that for capitalism at its finest…

  2. I hate trying to find new sunglasses. The last time was so frustrating that I gave up and put my lenses in an old pair of blue blockers that I liked. Now I need a new pair again and I don’t think I can face it. Although those look nice.

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