I have no glasses and yet I must see

No glasses ScottThe lens in my frames were pretty scratched up, and since I just started a new job I thought I would take my benefits for a spin and get some new lens (not new frames though, since I totally heart my frames).

Off I went to Eye Candy which has a god awful Web site, but a lovely staff. Since I only have one pair of frames I called ahead and asked how long they would need to keep them to install the new lens. They said it would take a day, which didn’t seem too shabby to me. Off I went to get my eyes examined (which always freaks me out because they put things far too close to your eyes for my liking), and take a look at their sunglasses (my future is pretty bright after all).

I was pursuing the sunglasses with fully dilated pupils when the guy behind the counter came over to help me. He looked at my old glasses and said, “So you like the retro look, huh?” Since I do, in fact, like the retro look (though in a non-ironic fashion) I nodded and commented that all their frames were pretty modern looking. I did, however, try on a couple of pairs but it seems I’m an ocular Goldilocks: the frames were either too big or too small.

I wasn’t worried, though, since I have frames that I are totally my bffs. Once my eye exam was done (OK, sidebar here: Whenever I am looking through one of those machines with the different lens in it and the eye doc flips one and says, ‘Better or worse?’ I always feel like they know the RIGHT answer… and they are just testing me to make sure I’m not pretending to need glasses. Am I the only one who thinks this?) I returned to the clerk and said, “So, I guess I’ll be back to tomorrow to get my glasses!” To which he replied, “Your insurance requires that we send all frames to their lab so they can make the lens. They’ll be ready in a week.”

rendering.jpgWhat was I to do? I needed new lens, and I had gotten this far… so I left the store without my glasses and immediately walked onto a girder that was swinging from a nearby crane. How I survived that hilarious walk through that construction site I’ll never know.

I should have my glasses back tomorrow though, which is a good thing since I’ve been hunching over all week so I can actually read stuff on my computer screen. My back is killing me!

Also, I’m thinking about buying these sunglasses. What say you, gentle reader? To the right you can see a very badly done rendering of what I might look like wearing said glasses. Pretty sexy, huh?

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  1. I ALWAYS THINK THAT TOO – they know the answer and are just trying to prove I need glasses rather than am lying. God, you are so much more articulate than I am. You just voiced one of those things that goes on inside my head that I’ve never said out loud to anyone. Though lots goes on in my head that I never articulate, not very many people say the things out loud that go on in my head. Jessie sometimes articulates what I am thinking better than I do. And, now you too.

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