Cherry Blossoms

More Cherry Blossoms

I was in DC last week for the Cable Show (I had no idea there was a trade conference just for the cable industry. Shocking, but true!) and since I am a good son I spent the weekend visiting with my mom.

It just so happened that this weekend was also the high of Cherry Blossom season, and so we decided to motor on down to downtown DC and check out the blossoms for ourselves.

Saturday was a beautiful day, and so about 14 million other people had the same idea as us. Despite the crowds (which were fairly well behaved) my mom and I had a good time walking around, snapping pictures, and chatting.

Sadly, I forgot to charge the battery on my camera before we left, so I wasn’t able to take many pictures. You can check out the few that I did snap over at this Flickr set.

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