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Elevators still piss me off

Almost nine years ago I first wrote about my problems with people and elevators. Since then I’ve moved into an apartment on the 20th floor of a building and I work in the tallest building in Philadelphia, so I ride in an elevator several times a day. This means that several times a day I am befuddled by people’s behavoir when it comes to elevators. If I’m standing on the ground floor of a building, in front of the elevators, it is a safe bet that I want to ride said elevators up to a higher floor. Since I am not brain dead I am aware of the finer points of calling an elevator:

  1. Push the button
  2. There is no step two!

Why is it, then, that people look at me when I am obviously waiting for the elevator and proceed to push the button once more. Do they think that perhaps I didn’t push the button hard enough? Or maybe I just enjoy watching people get into elevators!

All I know for sure is that in nine years I’ll be writing about the same darned thing.

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