Elevator update

Yesterday I spewed bile all over people pushing the button for an elevator whilst on the ground floor when someone else is obviosly waiting for an elevator (I’m sure you recall).

Today I saw a man standing in front of a bank of elevators, which I was approaching. He was just standing there, so I assumed he was waiting for an elevator, until I saw one come and go (I was several yards from the elevators when this happened) and the dude didn’t get on. I walked up and noticed the call button hadn’t been pressed, but the guy was still standing there. I pressed the button (against my normal rules) and got onto the elevator when it arrived. The dude remained standing in front of the elevators making no movement towards the elevator.

I blame this dude for skulking about in front of elevators and ruining it for the rest of us.

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  1. Dude, yesterday at school I saw some kid (and by “kid” I mean some random student) push the elevator “up” button repeatedly – he was hogging the entire button panel; I had to nudge him aside to get to the “down” button – and then I watched as at least three different elevators that were going down passed him by. After each elevator came and went, he’d start pushing that “down” button again (again, multiple times).
    There are only three working elevators there, so I don’t really know what he was waiting for.

  2. This is clearly a matter of trust. We just don’t (or perhaps shouldn’t) trust others to do our work for us.

  3. Doh! That’s pretty funny. I guess everyone ends up breaking their own rules in the right circumstances. Comes up pretty often in my tech job!

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