I’m on Peachpit TV

scottpeachpittv.jpgThe publisher of my book (Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read), Peachpit Press, asked me to make an appearance at their Macworld booth last month. Being the amicable fellow that I am I agree (though I did very little in the way of prep, as is my wont).

Not only did I thrill and delight a small crowd in the booth, those geniuses at Peachpit were recording the whole thing and are turning it into a series of podcasts (I assume it is a series, but it might just be this one). Point your peepers at How To Configure the Dashboard in WordPress 2.7. I made Marisa watch it and she learned 2 things about the Dashboard (and she has been using WordPress for 4 years!).

Check out the podcast here and let me know what you think. If people like it I might be inspired to create some WordPress screencasts of my own!

When I watched the podcast I thought I did I pretty good job, but for some reason I thought I came over as really angry during the intro (before I start talking):


That’s Cliff Colby I’m standing next to, the editor of my book and the reason my book came about. I think he is a great guy and he in no way angers me. Not sure why I look like I’m ready to punch the next person that walks up to me, but I must have been in ‘the zone’ mentally preparing myself for the hordes of people that were going to hound me for an autograph during my presentation.

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  1. This is a great book — I would expect lots of people to want your autograph. I was wondering if you are still a believer in wp-db-backup. The plugin page for it has 14 people saying its broken and only 29 happy votes. Has it changed since you wrote the book or is it just underappreciated?

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