Want a copy of my book?

Lots of copies of my bookIf you’re been paying attention you know that I am real live published author of a book called Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read, which is all about WordPress (shocking, I know). The book is getting some good reviews on Amazon, and it seems to be selling well. However, since this is my first time writing a tech book I’m interested in a little more feedback.

One of the little known facts about writing a book for PeachPit Press is that they send you 25 copies of your book to do with what you will. I’m keeping the first one the sent me (which I like to think is the first copy ever printed though somehow I doubt that is true) and I’ve given out a bunch of copies to friends and family (at least those who are interested enough in the book, but not so interested that they would buy a copy themselves), and I still have 16 copies of the book taking up space in my office. While these books are sitting on a shelf in my office they aren’t helping anyone learn about WordPress, so I thought I would give them away.

Here’s the deal: the first 16 people to comment on this post get a copy of my book. I’ll email you for your address and then I’ll send you a copy of the book at no cost to you. All I ask in return (nothing is free, people) is that you share with me your thoughts about the book. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Blogging about it on your blog
  • Twittering about it
  • Sending me an email with your thoughts
  • Leaving a review on Amazon or some other online bookseller

The goal is twofold: get some people talking about my book and find out what people think of it. Everybody wins!

Get to leaving those comments, people!

Update: Woah! Who knew so many people would want a copy of my book? I do believe I’m out of copies for the moment. Sorry, folks!

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  1. Which is to say, I’m trying to put together my own hosted WordPress site, since the free wordpress.com’s limitations are starting to grate, but I think that WordPress itself is the bee’s knees.

  2. Hi Scott: In exchange for a copy of your book I would love to interview you for my blog, WordCount – Freelancing in the Digital Age, which covers online news topics of interest freelancers and other writers. I’m a WordPress user and blog about it often, so a Q&A with the author of a how-to WordPress book is a perfect fit.
    Michelle Rafter
    WordCount – Freelancing in the Digital Age

  3. I bought 2 copies and gave them to 2 people who I think should be blogging. They’re setting up their material now…and it’s thanks to Scott. really good stuff…I bought mine at Amazon on the first day…glad I did.

  4. I was getting ready to move my MobileMe/iWeb blog over to WordPress so I could update while on the road. Would love to have your insight in dead tree form to get the most out of the platform.

  5. Hi Scott: OK, so I should have read your whole bio first. I need to rescind my request for a copy of your book – because I’m doing a story that I think you’d be a great source for and don’t want to run into any quid pro quo type situations or perceptions thereof. I’ll ping you via email with the particulars.
    Michelle Rafter

  6. Scott – I am coming into this book not knowing a single thing about web design, so I have had some interesting adventures thus far (I am stuck on page 19). For example, when I was trying to input the host, username, and password in Filezilla (another program I had never heard of until yesterday) I didn’t realize that some work had to be done by the owner of the server to allow me to use it. I spent an hour and a half trying different combination’s of words that I thought might satisfy the host, username, and password requirement. Embarrassing now, I know. I am currently getting a message that reads: “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server.” So I don’t know what the hell that means, but I am sure the fix is something easy and ridiculous.
    So, this is an adventure to say the least – but I really like your book. It is easy to read and to use – and when I am not being a luddite I am enjoying myself! haha

  7. Scott
    I just got finished reading your book and using it on a WordPress 2.7 upgrade. Very useful, very reader-friendly (especially for those of us who are geek challenged) and very entertaining.
    Naturally, for non-geeks at least, it is best to read the book and click on the icons so that we learn as we “do.” I now feel totally competent to move about the WordPress Dashboard and create to my heart’s content.
    Congratulations on your excellent style of speaking to newbies!

  8. Got the book you sent, thank you, and just finished reading it. Good stuff! I will be posting a review on my site, Amazon and B&N before the night is out. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity!

  9. Hi Scott!
    Are there any books left or have I missed the bus?
    I am also UK based and would be more than happy to write the first review of the book on amazon.co.uk (as of today there are none) in exchange for a copy. 😉 Might get you some more UK sales?
    My first WordPress blog is in the planning stages at the moment (hence my need for a book!) Word on the street [well the internet actually] is that yours is the best one out there)
    Cheers, Mark (who being a glass half full kind of person has his fingers crossed in hopeful expectation)

  10. I have read that review! It isn’t too shabby. 🙂
    Oh, and in case anyone is wondering all the copies are spoken for at
    this moment (though I haven’t mailed out the international copies

  11. Yes, I’d also like to know.. are there any books left? The title says it all and I do like reading your blog.
    Is this going to be available on amazon?
    I’m adding a blog to my site but have never done it before, need guidance.
    Please let me know, thanks!

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