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Want a copy of my book?

Lots of copies of my bookIf you're been paying attention you know that I am real live published author of a book called Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read, which is all about WordPress (shocking, I know). The book is getting some good reviews on Amazon, and it seems to be selling well. However, since this is my first time writing a tech book I'm interested in a little more feedback.

One of the little known facts about writing a book for PeachPit Press is that they send you 25 copies of your book to do with what you will. I'm keeping the first one the sent me (which I like to think is the first copy ever printed though somehow I doubt that is true) and I've given out a bunch of copies to friends and family (at least those who are interested enough in the book, but not so interested that they would buy a copy themselves), and I still have 16 copies of the book taking up space in my office. While these books are sitting on a shelf in my office they aren't helping anyone learn about WordPress, so I thought I would give them away.

Here's the deal: the first 16 people to comment on this post get a copy of my book. I'll email you for your address and then I'll send you a copy of the book at no cost to you. All I ask in return (nothing is free, people) is that you share with me your thoughts about the book. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Blogging about it on your blog
  • Twittering about it
  • Sending me an email with your thoughts
  • Leaving a review on Amazon or some other online bookseller

The goal is twofold: get some people talking about my book and find out what people think of it. Everybody wins!

Get to leaving those comments, people!

Update: Woah! Who knew so many people would want a copy of my book? I do believe I'm out of copies for the moment. Sorry, folks!