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Some of 2008 in pictures

I give you 2008 in pictures (an idea I have totally stolen from Jacqui and Clint).

January 2008

I drank a Mexican Pepsi (Love it!)

I went to Macworld 2008 and saw MacBook Airs on a string.

February 2008

I turned 31.

My TV (and me) moved into Marisa’s apartment.

May 2008

Becky and Eric got married (and not much happened in March or April).

We retreated to a lovely cabin in the woods, with neighbors across the river who really liked classic rock.

July 2008

I visited my Mom and we went to Mount Vernon.

August 2008

I got a Kodak Zi6 (which I like more than my Flip Mino HD, no matter what certain tech pundits will have you believe).

September 2008

I had my first article published in a real, live magazine.

Off to Las Vegas for VMworld (and it’ll probably be my last VMworld ever!).

Marisa and I went to Hoover Dam whilst in Las Vegas.

And then we got all fancy and spent the weekend at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Las Vegas (it was really quite nice, and it has turned Marisa into a hotel snob).

November 2008

I got a Flip Mino HD and made a silly movie with it.

I saw my book in print for the first time (and it looked awesome).

My mom visited for Thanksgiving, met some of Marisa’s family, and met with Marisa in her role as my girlfriend for the first time.

We went to City Hall and looked cute.

December 2008

I got engaged to Marisa.

Spent Christmas with my mom and bro, as is McNulty tradition (and no one fought!).

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