Farewell, Wharton. Hello, Comcast.

comcastic.jpgI’m coming up on my 6 year anniversary as a Wharton employee (and a Philadelphian to boot), and what better way to celebrate than by quitting?

That’s right, today was my last day as a staff member of Wharton Computing where I have learned many things, met lots of great people, and realized that I’m not really interested in following the traditional IT career path of slowly moving further and further from actual technology.

As I was realizing this an exciting opportunity arose. I got an email from Frank (a man I trust) asking me if he could pass along my name to some Comcast folks. It seems they were in the market for someone to run their corporate blog, and Frank thought I would be a good fit. I wasn’t looking for a job, but I am never opposed to entertaining options. I gave Frank the go ahead and he sent along my contact info to Comcast. Soon thereafter I was called in for a round of interviews.

I'm a hoppy bunnyI honestly didn’t think they would be interested in me given my decidedly non-corporate persona (and Internet presence), but they asked me in for another round of interviews (always a good sign). The second round of interviews found me meeting with a number of people working in the Communications department. After a few hours the interviews were over, and I was impressed with the level of passion and realism that the Comcast folks had about their company. Plus I didn’t think I came off as too much of an idiot, which I find to be helpful in such situations.

Soon I heard back from Comcast that they were interested in having me join their team (after I passed a routine drug test, which was the first time I had ever taken a drug test… but that’s a post for another day). I had a major career choice to make (though if you read the title of this post you already know what I decided. Stupid spoilers). I’ve been working in the University setting for nearly a decade (gosh, I feel old) and I’ve never worked for a company as large as Comcast so I was a little nervous about potential culture shock.

On the other hand, Comcast wanted to pay me to manage the day to day aspects of their corporate blog which is pretty darned close to my dream job. How could I say no?

Tomorrow is my first day as a Senior Manager of Digital Media (that’ll look impressive on a business card) at Comcast. I’m excited, terrified, and befuddled all at once (which I take to mean I made the right decision).

I don’t generally post much about my work here on Blankbaby, and I imagine that trend won’t change too radically. I will post a link to the corporate blog once it launches, and I’ll be posting pictures and things from the gigantic Comcast Building (in which my office will be located) from time to time (just as I did from Wharton).

Thanks to everyone I worked with at Wharton. Wharton really was a great experience in my life, and I would recommend working there to anyone.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in my old job go to Penn’s Job Site and search for Reference number 081226054. You’ll be working with a good group of people on some pretty cool projects.

Here’s to the future (is anyone else scared?).

22 responses to “Farewell, Wharton. Hello, Comcast.”

  1. Wow, congratulations, Scott! You made the right move. It does sound like a dream job, and I can’t imagine anyone doing it better.

  2. Congrats! You’ll be a great addition to Comcast. Now that they have “awesome blog” checked offed their agenda. Next item on the list should be the “boxee/xbmc” problem.
    when is it going live?

  3. In case you need some more encouragement/reassurance . . . I’ve been reading your stuff for a couple years now, and I can think of no one who could do a better job. You’re one of those bloggers (more than a blogger, really) who actually get it. I’m impressed! Good luck!

  4. I am excited to have you here man. You will be a big part of making this a success.
    Congratulations and seeya around πŸ™‚

  5. Aww, Julie! You’re so nice! It isn’t as though I’m dead (yet). We
    can still hang out, though we haven’t really done that as much as I
    would like. Darn life getting in the way of social planning.

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