OMG. My book in Barnes and Noble

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  1. I actually bought mine at “Legacy Books”, an independent bookstore in Plano, TX. I paid full retail (almost twice as much as I’d pay Amazon), but hey–they’re independent. I’m only in chapter four, but my blog’s up and working (with no content yet…I’m itching for it!).
    So… what’s up with your primary blog being done with TypePad??
    And… I bought the book in 2008, it’s copyrighted 2009, and already on Jan 5, 2009, it’s out of date. WP 2.7 dashboard has a totally new interface. Whatup, yo?
    Thanks, anyway: I’m getting a lot out of it.

  2. Hey Tom,
    I’m glad that you’re getting a lot out of the book. I started writing the book months before WordPress 2.7 had a firm release date. Sadly, WordPress 2.7’s look was finalized a couple of weeks after the editting had been done on the book so there was no way we could update it in time.
    As for this blog being done with TypePad, both blogging systems have their strengths and weaknesses. I like them both, and so I use them both.

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