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December 2008

On the train to Washington, DC

My Christmas tradition of dallying forth to Waahington to see my mom is once being observed. This time around my brother Sean is joining us.

In fact I am sitting next to him on the train right now. We haven't seen each other in over a year and yet we decided to sit in the quiet car. Such is the McNulty family way. ;)

Oh, and I included the picture in this post to see if the TypePad app still crops pics for some odd reason. On the train to Washington, DC

Engagement ring(s) on Marisa's hand

Engagement ring(s) on hand
Originally uploaded by Marusula.
Marisa wasn't surprised when I popped the question because she designed the engagement ring, and set the schedule for when the question should happen (before she went home for Christmas this Sunday).

Not too much wiggle room there, but we're both still pleased as punch.

A big thanks to my friend Nicole who helped us with the rings.

TypePad Connect refuses to delete comments

I'm not sure if this is a wide spread problem or not, but it seems I can no longer delete comments, nor can I mark them as spam.

I'm using TypePad Connect (as I mentioned in this post) to manage my comments now, and I know it is in beta and all... but not being able to delete comments from my own blog (especially comment spam of a potentially offensive nature) is pretty bad.

That being said, I understand the trials and tribulations of launching a new service that is used by lots of folks. The real problem here is that the people at Sixapart don't seem to have a blog that is devoted to Tyepad Connect, which would at least let me know about these problems and assure me that they are being looked into.

Ahh well, perhaps I'll be able to control my comments tomorrow.

I think Facebook is trying to tell me something

nothanksfacebook.jpgNo matter what I do on Facebook, no matter what page, what app I'm using, the ad to the right is the only one that I get.

Facebook, why do you hate chest hair? Hmm? More importantly, how do you know that I have a lovely mane of chest hair myself?

Perhaps if I had my chest hair removed, by frickin' lasers, it would reveal well toned abs. Something to consider.

My book is now shipping on Amazon

salesrank.jpgFair warning, since I wrote a book (what? You hadn't heard? Read all about it!) I'll be blogging about the process for awhile. It might not be very interesting to you, but guess what? This is my blog so I'll write about what I want! Yeah, I said it.

Anyway, as the title of this post suggests my WordPress book ('Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read') is now shipping from Amazon. That's pretty cool, and it means that I can now obsess over my Amazon Sales rank. At the moment my book is ranked 24,348th out of all books on (and 74th in the hyper specific category of References books about Publishing and Books). That doesn't seem too shabby given the large number of books Amazon stocks, though I really have no idea what it means. I'm going to go out on a limb and say a lower number is better (shocking, I know).