The Flip Mino HD vs. the Kodak Zi6

Flip Mino HD vs Kodak Zi6 from Fork You on Vimeo.

Yesterday I posted by first video shot with the Flip Mino HD, which was cool and all but what people REALLY want to see some video from the Flip as compared to the Kodak Zi6. Being the cool guy that I am I whipped up this video shot around the apartment. I used a rubberband to attach the Flip to the Zi6 and went to town.

Marisa thought it was ridiculous, but I am just performing an important public service here.

You can see this in HD by checking out the video at Vimeo.

13 responses to “The Flip Mino HD vs. the Kodak Zi6”

  1. You look a little jaundiced on the Flip. The color is definitely more appealing on the Kodak. The audio is muffled on the Flip, but there is background noise on the Kodak. Very interesting comparison! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for this comparison. The Mino’s white balance looks horrible.
    Btw, what was the source of the background noise in the last scene?

  3. I’d love to see a followup video in some other lighting conditions (outdoors in daylight, for example.) So far the Zi6 is definitely looking like the better camera.

  4. Are you sure you labeled the footage right? When you are looking in the mirror you can clearly see that the Kodak is higher up than the Flip HD. On your video the footage on the left is the one that is higher up and the left footage is lower.

  5. This is the best side by side I’ve seen online. Interesting how much better the Audio is for the Kodak camera. In addition, its better in low-light. Need more time to think 🙂

  6. gosh! this is so hard! Just when i think i made up my mind, i see something like this and change my mind.

  7. Hey cool vid Scott.
    BTW, for the benefit of your readers and commentors that may be undertaking pricing comparison research; Yours was not the only video to reveal the obvious superiority (or in my assessment anyway) of the ZI6
    The boys over at did a similar exercise:

    and in no uncertain terms, ZI6 was the clear winner in their book, as stated both in their vid, and on their review page.
    So, your findings are in good company, although I am sure you didn’t need any particular confirmation of that.
    Cheers, and thanks!

  8. Just wanted to see if this comment box would allow an embed, for grins…Not trying to promote for any particular reason, trust me 😉 just monkeying around.

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