My book has landed

The spine

As you might recall, I wrote a book (holy crap, I wrote a book!). I now have physical evidence to support that claim, and lots of it.

If you haven’t written a book, you might not know that publishers sent authors a certain number of ‘author copies’ of their book so that the author can do with them what he sees fit.

Yesterday I came home to find a padded envelope waiting for me. I hadn’t ordered anything, so I had no idea what it was. I ripped it open and what did I see before me? This. Awesome, right?

Fast forward to today. I come home and find a box waiting for me. A heavy box. I didn’t recall ordering any lead via the Internet, so I was pretty sure what would be waiting for me in the box. That’s right, 24 copies of my book.

This whole writing a book thing is pretty cool. I recommend you do it sometime!

8 responses to “My book has landed”

  1. That’s pretty awesome. I have wanted to self-publish a book for a long time. 28 copies? Damn, you must feel amazing when you give away a signed copy. My new year’s resolution, to write a book! I got some ideas about sales and marketing I have wanted to write.

  2. Good for you–very impressive! Will your next book be about the wonder and weirdness of working at Wharton, particularly External Affairs?

  3. This is FABULOUS news!! Hooray and congratulations. You must feel pretty darn chuffed I would imagine. And the book looks very lovely from the photo – great colours and design.

  4. Thanks, I’m very excited.
    I’m also excited about the direction they took the book design in. I
    had some very limited input, so I can’t take credit for it (and of
    course I didn’t do any of the actual design work, since they actually
    wanted to sell some copies of the thing!).

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