Holy crap, I wrote a book

mybook.jpgScott McNulty watchers (and you know you’re one of them) might have been wondering, ‘What the heck has Scott been up to?’ I haven’t been blogging here, I haven’t really been posting much to MacUser, I haven’t been posting new episodes of Fork You… what have I been doing?

It turns out that I’ve been writing a book (I’m as shocked as you are). That’s right, on December 12 (or there abouts) you’ll be able to walk into any of a number of fine bookstores and pickup a copy of ‘Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read‘ by yours truly (I’m told that some Barnes and Noble stores will have a special display with my books. Cool, huh?).

This book is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone, no matter whether they are interested in WordPress or not (they will surely be interested in my witty and sparkling prose) and if you buy a copy via this link I even get a little kickback from Amazon (double score!).

I’ll post more about how I came to write this book in due course, but I just wanted to share the fact that I have written a book that will soon be published and in bookstores everywhere (by a real publisher, no less). Ain’t that cool?

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  1. Welcome to the exclusive club of published tech authors. I’ll teach you the secret handshake next time I see you. Hopefully PeachPit is better at promoting your work than my former publisher. 🙂

  2. Whoa! That’s awesome Scott. Congrats. Who’s the publisher? I have a partner who’s writing a book with me as well. We’re making it interactive and distributing it digitally.
    I’ll pick up a copy. Will it be on amazon?

  3. @Dmitry The table of contents isn’t available as of yet, but I am sure it’ll be up on the PeachPit site when we get closer to the release date.
    @adam: PeachPit Press is the publisher, and the book will be available via Amazon.
    @Mark: This book won’t be too useful to a MT user (though you get to read my wonderful prose, and isn’t that reward enough?).

  4. Does this mean that we can have you back as a friend again? Also, congratulations!!!! This wasn’t the book I thought you were writing but I’m happy nonetheless.

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