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I’m a big fan of TypePad, despite writing a book about WordPress (if anyone wants me to write a book about TypePad, contact me and we’ll work something out!), which is why I have been a happy TypePad user since August 2003 (here’s my first post). I find the TypePad line of products to be very good, and that’s why I just switched Blankbaby’s commenting system over to TypePad Connect (Oh, a beta commenting system. Yeah, I’m badass. I like to live on the edge.).

What does this mean for you? Not too much. You’ll notice a few new things when commenting:

  • A picture is displayed next to your comments (which you can set if you have a TypePad Profile).
  • Comments are now threaded.
  • You can reply to comments now.
  • Comments are now paginated (though most of my entries don’t get enough comments for that to kick in).

The benefits to me include:

  • The ability to reply to comments via email (sweet!).
  • A nicer interface for managing comments (though I have some thoughts on how that could be improved).
  • Get to use something new.

Let me know what you think of all this in… the comments (see what I did there?). Oh, and here is my TypePad profile.

14 responses to “Comments now powered by TypePad Connect”

  1. Do you like typepad connect? I can’t decide between Disqus, IntenseDebate or this. I don’t want spam but I also don’t want to unnecessarily block real users content. What do you think?

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