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A point and shoot camera for a DSLR owner

The Problem

The other day Marisa mentioned that she wanted a smaller camera than her DSLR to throw in her bag. Just to have with her in case something cool happened, or to bring along in situations where a big honkin' camera wouldn't be looked upon kindly.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. Having been out of the market for a point and shoot since I got my Rebel XTi (which I still like oodles and oodles, though I haven't been taking as many pictures with it as I once did) I didn't really know what options were out there. Sure, I could research some cameras myself and come to an informed decision, or I would put my question into a magic box and get an answer fairly quickly.

Twitter: The magic box

twitter.jpg Twitter, for those of you out there that haven't heard of it, is a 'microblogging' service. It simply asks you one question: 'what are you doing,' and you have 140 characters in which to answer it. The great thing about Twitter, though, is that you can follow other people's tweets and, in turn, have your tweets followed by others. Your followers can be people that you know, people you find interesting, or just random people.

For some odd reason there are about 2000 people who think I am interesting enough to follow on Twitter (surely a chunk of that number are Twitter spam accounts). This gives me a large group of people that I can query. I tweeted that I was looking for a point and shoot camera to compliment my DSLR and the responses came rolling in, like magic.

The contenders

I thought it would be only fair to list the various cameras that I was recommended:

Isn't it great that all these folks bothered to answer my random question? Thanks to all of you!

The winner

I noticed a clear majority in support of Canon, which pleased me since I have lots of Canon gear (not that that really matters in the point and shoot world, but I have a good sense of their devices' UI and menu structure which is often very handy). That made me look into Canon's offerings a little more closely.

I spoke some more with Marisa to see what she had in mind. I thought she wanted something that would fit in a shirt pocket (which meant I was leaning towards an Exilim) but she was more interested in features. "It should be able to fit into a bag," is what she told me. That changes everything!

canong10.jpg My decision was made for me after I read this review of the Canon G10 and saw the accompanying images. They are amazing, and while I am sure I won't be able to shoot anything like that it won't be for lack of a good camera.

I just ordered the Canon G-10 from Amazon and I'll post my thoughts and some sample pictures from it as soon as I play around with it for awhile.

Ain't the Internet awesome?