zumanity.jpgTwitter is a wonderful thing (though some people ascribe to it a little more importance than it warrants). I often think of it as a magical device into which I put my desires and after a certain period of time they materialize.

When I found out that I would be going to Las Vegas for a conference I wanted to figure out what I should do with my non-conference time. I don’t drink, smoke, or gamble much… and those are the headline attractions in Vegas (I saw many people doing all three at the same time… at 8am). I turned to Twitter and asked my followers what I should do in Vegas. Someone suggested that I check out a Cirque du Soleil show. I checked out their offerings and figured I would, in fact, see one of their shows.

Shortly after that suggestion the Cirque du Soleil twitter account started following me, and echoed the sentiment that I should check out one of their shows (shocking, I know). In a desperate, and transparent, attempt to cash in on my very minor web celebrity I suggested to the Cirque du Soleil twitterer that they give me two free tickets to a show. Imagine my surprise when they offered to give me media tickets to any show in Vegas (other than Love, which was kind of a bummer because that is the one Marisa really wanted to see). I took them up on the offer, and let Marisa pick the one that we should see. Marisa, being Marisa, decided we should see Zumanity, which is their ‘adult show.’

Fast forward a few weeks and I find myself sitting in the audience, next to Marisa, waiting for Zumanity to begin. Marisa turns to me and says, ‘Is this going to make you uncomfortable? Hmm, I suppose that is something I should have asked you a couple months ago.’ She had a point, but I am a grown man and I can handle a little nudity so I assured Marisa that I would be fine (and I was).

The ushers all wear dresses and T-shirts that make them appear to be naked (you know the ones) and they are pretty darn convincing in a dark theater from far away. The theater itself looks as you would expect from a theater hosting an adult cabaret (it was kind of dark, lots of red velvety fabric).

Before the show starts some of the cast mingles with the crowd, and lets you in on the vibe of the show: audience participation plays a big part. I, personally, hoped that I wouldn’t have to be involved with the show and I wasn’t (though one of the cast members did rub my belly and say, ‘So soft!’ I would have been insulted if it weren’t true, especially when compared to the fellows in the show. I think they might workout a little bit).

As with all Cirque shows (I assume) there was a healthy mixture of dance, music, and acrobatics. I was particularly impressed by the two women (topless, of course) who did a number of tricks in a small water filled bowl (it was big enough to hold them both, but I wouldn’t have believed it was large enough for anyone to dive into, until I saw them both dive into it. It was very cool). The most ‘shocking’ part of the show is the ‘Fighters.’ Two guys are on the stage, and they have a fight/dance that makes it clear they aren’t each other’s fans. It all ends with them kissing, which drew some surprised gasps from the audience (though more applause than gasps).

Would I recommend that you spend at least $69 on a ticket (see what they did there?)? If you aren’t offended by topless ladies and men in g-strings dancing about, and the possibility that you might be called onto stage doesn’t make you sick then by all means. Marisa and I both had fun, and the show itself is visually stunning (the cast members are talented and good looking, which helps their cause).

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