Visiting Mount Vernon with my mom

Washington StatueThis July I went to visit my mother for her brithday, like a good son. Since it was my mom’s birthday I was just for doing anything that tickled her fancy. Turns out she wanted to go to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s pad. I was delighted since I like going to crap like that (which, I am sure, means that my future children will hate going to things like that).

Off we went to Mount Vernon, and we found out a number of interesting things about Mr. Washington:

  1. He was shorter than me.
  2. He had lots of slaves.
  3. He wasn’t all that interested in being president (he was much happier at Mount Vernon, though he got to spend little time there).
  4. When he died he freed his slaves, though many of them decided to stay at Mount Vernon and act as tour guides to the first wave of American tourists to visit the grounds.

I took lots of pictures, as is my way, and you can see them all here.

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