Scott cooks

Marisa went out of town this weekend and left me to my own devices. Since I recently acquired a new device (see what I did there?), I thought I would record a Scott only Fork You using my Kodak Zi6. It looks (and sounds) pretty good considering it was recorded with a camera that costs less than $200.

Keep in mind that the footage above was shot in 720p (that’s HD, folks) but encoded three times: once from Final Cut Pro to QuickTime, then from QuickTime to MP4 (though I don’t know if it will actually play on an iPhone), and then by Viddler. Check out the QuickTime version here.

People, we’re living in the future.

3 responses to “Scott cooks”

  1. I tried to post a tag on your video but wasn’t able to do it so I’ll ask here instead. What’s that red dot in your pan? Does it indicate when the pan is hot?

  2. all scotty all the time with marisa out of the house 😉
    the cook in me was definitely cringing during parts of the video. but you do better than my brother whose cooking skills end after ramen noodles or cereal. he’s good at picking up pizza, but at his old age, he might be resorting to ordering in more.

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