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Look mom, I'm in a magazine

I wrote about my first piece for Macworld (my review of NAV11) a couple of months ago. That piece was one of four things I wrote for Macworld all around the same time. I was asked to write up three antivirus reviews (which I assume is what the Macworld editors use to haze new Macworld writers… turns out Mac users really don’t like antivirus software. Who knew?). As I was writing the reviews I got an email from Dan Miller asking me if I wanted to write a section for the feature section of the October issue, which was all about Mac security. The section I was to write? Do Mac users even need Antivirus software?
It made sense to me, since I was already doing research for the reviews, and so I agreed. A few months, and a couple of drafts, later and now you can buy a magazine with someone I wrote in it. Pretty cool!
Also of note, in the intervening time between writing those pieces for Macworld and the magazine going to print I actually jumped ship and joined the merry crew at Macworld (blogging for them, of course).
Funny how things work out, huh?

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