I leave and TUAW gets a redesign

newtuaw.jpgOne of the things I harped on over and over again when I was in charge of TUAW was the need for a re-design. I watched as smaller WIN sites got a re-designed and was assured that TUAW would get the same treatment sooner or later.

The other thing that I really tried to get, as soon as the iPhone was released, was an iPhone specific version of TUAW.

I left TUAW a little while ago and today they unveiled a new design (with a new logo that I don’t really care for). i.tuaw.com has been up for awhile now too, though it is being publicized now.

Good job to all my former TUAWers! Imagine all the other good things that’ll happen now that I am gone!

5 responses to “I leave and TUAW gets a redesign”

  1. Oh trust me, it was nothing personal. Some day I will describe to you in person the epic story of finally getting iPhone versions and re-designing one of our coolest sites.
    You are missed.

  2. Hi, I’ve read your very good technical discussions on TUAW. I am having a problem using Microsoft RDC 2, and am looking for some guidance. Microsloth ignores technical requests.
    My only “windoze” machine is actually a cash register, running a point-of-sale program on top of XP. I would like to access this device remotely. I can get thru the firewall to the device, where I am presented name and password request. However the user name on the windoze box HAS NO password, because it is set up to autostart and run unattended (there is no keyboard or mouse attached, only a touchscreen). And RDC seems to want some kind of password and won’t allow me to connect without one.
    If you could point me to a technical resource, I would be most grateful.

  3. Matt, that’ll ruin my fantasy world where everything revolves around me! 😉 I know you guys must have had to jump through a great many hoops to get to all the awesomeness that is now the TUAW look. Great job!
    Mike, I kvetch because I care.
    Jim, clearly you are not a fan of Windows. Maybe it doesn’t want to let you log in because you’re so mean to it? Actually, the real answer is that you can’t remotely log into a machine with an account that doesn’t have a password by default (which, I think you’ll agree, is a wise setting). Do a Google search for ‘RDP requires password’ and you should be good to go.

  4. Hi Scott
    You were not alone.
    I also asked for an iPhone friendly TUAW URL early on.
    Especially since the regular one was bringing my iPhone to it’s knees.
    FWIW, your Apple posts at TUAW helped me ‘switch’ and I am thankful.

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