No more Scott McNulty for TUAW

scoot_macworld_1997.jpgThat’s right, I’ve left TUAW. The reasons are varied, and I’ll have a longer post about it coming later (though I doubt anyone cares!). The real purpose of this post is to point out how awesome the graphic that accompanied by farewell post is. The very talented Robert Palmer (no, not that one) whipped it up for me. Thanks!
Now, I must sleep and dream of our new washer/dryer combo thingie.

4 responses to “No more Scott McNulty for TUAW”

  1. Well crap – not that I ever read it since I am not a mac guy, but I liked knowing you were there.

  2. PS: when we’re on the phone & I say what’s new? – this is the type of thing you should be talking about ;p

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