MacUser or bust!

scott-1.jpgAs readers of this blog know I left TUAW a little while ago and speculation as rampant as to where I would go. Would I start my own site? Would I retire (lots of people really wanted this one to happen)? Would I switch to a PC?
44pounds.jpgOK, so no one really gives two figs what I’m doing on the internet (and really, no one should care. There are lots of more important things to worry about, like 44 pound cats) but since my mom asked me about it, here we go: I’ve signed on with MacUser as a Senior Contributor (I do believe this title was given to me solely based on the fact that I am the oldest member of the team). MacUser, for those who don’t know, is a blog that is owned by Macworld, the number one Mac magazine around. I’m excited to be part of the team (and with an intro post like this written by Dan Moren, how could you not be excited?) and I’m looking forward to concentrating on writing (something I didn’t get too much of a chance to do at TUAW in recent months).
Sorry, Mac web, you aren’t rid of me yet!

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  1. Congrats man. I actually googled you yesterday & found this out through a daringfireball post. I was going to give you a call later & congratulate you.
    Does that count as cyberstalking?

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