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My first piece for a magazine

Earlier this year I tweeted about one of my goals for the year: writing something for a print publication. Luckily for me, one of my Twitter follower is Jason Snell, who is a big mucky muck over at Macworld. Macworld, if you aren’t a Mac geek, is the leading Mac news publication in the world. For some reason Jason thought that some opportunity for me might popup at Macworld.

Months past and I had forgotten about wanting to write for a magazine when I was contacted by one of the senior Review editors to write some reviews of antivirus software for the Mac. I knew AV reviews would be a tough sell, but I didn’t think my NAV 11 review would end up being the most loathed article on (and by a long shot!). This doesn’t seem to bode well for future Macworld writing assignments.

At least the folks at Macworld seemed to like my writing.

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