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My first piece for a magazine


Earlier this year I tweeted about one of my goals for the year: writing something for a print publication. Luckily for me, one of my Twitter follower is Jason Snell, who is a big mucky muck over at Macworld. Macworld, if you aren't a Mac geek, is the leading Mac news publication in the world. For some reason Jason thought that some opportunity for me might popup at Macworld.

Months past and I had forgotten about wanting to write for a magazine when I was contacted by one of the senior Review editors to write some reviews of antivirus software for the Mac. I knew AV reviews would be a tough sell, but I didn't think my NAV 11 review would end up being the most loathed article on (and by a long shot!). This doesn't seem to bode well for future Macworld writing assignments.

At least the folks at Macworld seemed to like my writing.

Fork You: Chili today!

I have been slacking off in many areas of my life:

  • Being awesome
  • Blogging on Blankbaby
  • Editing Fork You
  • Fighting terrorism

As you can see from the video above, I'm working on the Fork You bit. That's right, Chili Today is up and ready for your viewing pleasure (that leaves only about 5 more Fork You episodes that we have filmed that I need to edit!). Watch as we make that summery treat: chili.