Higher Education Web Symposium

It is one of the worst kept secrets on this blog that I work at the University of Pennsylvania. It is a great place to work, which might explain why I have been here for over five years, and they seem to like me around here so that’s good (and they are ok with me blogging like a mad man, and doing Fork You, and running TUAW, and doing other freelance things which is nice). Anyway, I was at work the other day and one of my co-workers told me that my name came up during a planning meeting for the Higher Education Web Symposium which Penn Medicine is hosting (being driven, one assumes, by the SOMIS Web Team).

I thought it odd that my name would come up during the meeting, since I have nothing to do with Web Design in general nor do I have anything to do with this Symposium. It would seem it was requested that I blog about the Symposium, so blog it I am. Now, I don’t know if this was an actual request or just a joke (I mean, who really wants a mention on Blankbaby? Not too many people I would wager) but I figured why not post about it?

If you’re in Philly on July 15/16 and are interested in Webby stuff, you should check out the agenda. Looks pretty good to me, though there isn’t a session on blogging. What’s up with that?

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