Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper


Sweet, sweet Pepsi is my first carbonated love (the Mexican type especially, since they still use pure cane sugar), but a little over 3 years ago I decided that I should really cut back on my Pepsi consumption. They only problem was that I hated diet soda.

I then found Diet Dr. Pepper, which tastes more like Dr. Pepper than you would think, and all was well in soda land. I wasn’t in love with Diet Dr. Pepper, but it filled my caffeine needs adequately.

Then the wonderful folks at Dr. Pepper introduced the best diet soda known to man: Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (unlike the atrocity that is Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper). There was a time when the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (henceforth to be called ‘DCVDP’) flowed like water. You could walk into any store in Philly and get yourself a little can of wonderful. Then, out of no where, the DCVDP river dried up. Sure, once in a cherry moon (see what I did there?) I would discover a cache of the stuff, but it looked like my love affair with the good Doctor was coming to a close.

That is, until I went to Lancaster County. I was there for a certain wedding but whilst there Marisa wanted to do some antiquing (which is lady talk for “let’s look at old crap we don’t need being sold by people who are at least as old as the dusty artifacts they are hawking”). I was parched, so we stopped at a Turkey Hill Convenience store and there was great rejoicing.

The picture above shows me in my moment of triumph: the store had some DCVDP and so I did what anyone in my position would do: immediately grabbed every bottle they had. Then I thought about it a second, and put most of them back leaving me with 3 bottles of ambrosia.

Luckily for me, it would seem that DCVDP is making a comeback in the Philly area. My local CVS had some in stock last night (and I bought another 3 bottles), so I am hoping that means the DCVDP flows again.

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  1. I echo your praise of Diet Dr. Pepper and your condemnation of Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper (tastes like dying). In fact, that awful cola scared me from trying any variation on Diet Dr. P, so I’m curious to try this vanilla variation if I can find it.

  2. I used to buy Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, then no reason it stopped being sold at Safeway, they have diet Cherry, but I perfer cherry vanilla. Does the company still
    make the diet cherry vanilla.

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