Newly Cohabitating: Episode 2

Literally 2 or 3 people said our last Newly Cohabitating episode was entertaining, so we hauled out the USB microphone and recorded another one. Episode 2 covers the first day of our ‘officially’ living together (since I don’t have another apartment anymore), desk cleaning, and the many quirks of Marisa.

Oh, and since we are having fun with this, expect us to launch yet another blog with a feed you can subscribe to in iTunes (or whatever you like).

3 responses to “Newly Cohabitating: Episode 2”

  1. Ha!
    I know at least one rule at Apartment 2024… Something about a water pitcher? Hmmmmm? 😉
    You guys crack me up!

  2. I will agree. I couldn’t handle the initial mess; it wasn’t his, it was mostly mine…it was THE boxes.
    Seeing all the boxes made me irritable; I couldn’t find things and where should I put all my crap?
    My friends were right, as much as I’d like to still deny it…it takes time to merge two households together.

  3. I laughed out loud when Marisa said, “I will never,” then qualified it with “I will TRY never….” Scott, I have to agree with Marisa on rinsing out the items for recycling. But I am there with you on the t.p. Earth friendly does not equal hiney friendly!

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