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So that’s what eight pounds of change looks like

Eight Pounds of ChangeI have an uncanny ability to collect staggering amounts of change in short order. Until recently, most of that change ended up scattered across my apartment: on the floor, on top of the fridge, in the cushions of my sofa, on top of the TV… you get the idea. Marisa put a stop to all of that (she demanded that I start putting my change in a bowl, before we were going out even! Shortly thereafter I started putting my change in a bowl).

I have collected just under 8 pounds of change.

I’ll wait as you read that again.

Yep, you read that correctly: 8 frickin’ pounds of change.

The question is, how much money does 8 pounds of change translate to? That question is difficult to answer since the mix of change can’t be determined (8 pounds of silver dollars, one imagines, would be worth more than 8 pounds of pennies), but it is still fun to guess! I’ll be cashing in my change tomorrow morning and posting the amount that I get in the afternoon.

My guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of $85. Marisa says $23 (she so totally wrong). What do you think?

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