So that’s what eight pounds of change looks like

Eight Pounds of ChangeI have an uncanny ability to collect staggering amounts of change in short order. Until recently, most of that change ended up scattered across my apartment: on the floor, on top of the fridge, in the cushions of my sofa, on top of the TV… you get the idea. Marisa put a stop to all of that (she demanded that I start putting my change in a bowl, before we were going out even! Shortly thereafter I started putting my change in a bowl).

I have collected just under 8 pounds of change.

I’ll wait as you read that again.

Yep, you read that correctly: 8 frickin’ pounds of change.

The question is, how much money does 8 pounds of change translate to? That question is difficult to answer since the mix of change can’t be determined (8 pounds of silver dollars, one imagines, would be worth more than 8 pounds of pennies), but it is still fun to guess! I’ll be cashing in my change tomorrow morning and posting the amount that I get in the afternoon.

My guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of $85. Marisa says $23 (she so totally wrong). What do you think?

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  1. 8 pounds? I have more change than I can lift. Hmm. I should probably do something about that, especially since my bank has the free turn-worthless-change-into-functional-money machine.

  2. Can’t tell from that picture, it totally depends on quarter density. But 8 pounds in how long?
    I’ve got a vat of change that probably weights at least 40 pounds and will be paying for a significant portion of a new HDTV. I think that’s from about 2-3 years of incidental collecting.
    Also, DO NOT use CoinStar to convert it to cash. Find a Commerce Bank, which converts change without any fees or hand-rolling. They have branches in Philly.

  3. We collected change in a water cooler bottle – somewhere around 3/4 full, it became too heavy to actually move, at that point it ceased being currency and started being artistic installation – I say pick a restaurant you both will enjoy, allow your change to get bulky, but not immovable – and have a nice dinner.
    oh, my guess? $56.75.

  4. I’m a firm believer in transferring loose change into a bank account deposit on a regular basis. It’s just more useful in the bank and it can potentially earn you some interest!
    My guess…about 65!

  5. I don’t think I demanded that you put your change in a bowl. I just happened to mention that all the change on the floor made me feel like my head was going to explode.
    I justify my lowball answer because I know that Scott has always cherry-pi.jpgcked the quarters out of his change in order to do laundry, so the ratio of quarters to dimes, nickels and pennies is fairly low.

  6. the change collector in me says $45.
    i also collect change in a big pretzel container and it has saved my ass many a time.

  7. I have a backpack full of pennies.
    Seriously. Full.
    I put them in there last time I moved with the idea that it would be easier to carry them to a bank at some point.
    It’s sitting in the back of my closet – occasionally I add more. Someday it’s going to rip through the floor & end up in my neighbor’s closet.
    My guess – $36.50

  8. I am convinced that change falls out of Jeff’s crevices. I have heard tell of some men who put some change back into their pockets when they get dressed in the morning, but apparently neither you nor he are those sorts. I have a hard time keeping up with the rate of change Jeff brings home, but I dip into it as often as I can. I have no trouble spending change and if it’s just going to lay around our apartment, someone oughta spend it…

  9. Aha! So THAT’s why you were so eager to have me sit on that confounded sofa…the one with the odd tilt to the cushions. I KNEW I had more quarters than I came home with.

  10. I just had an 12lbs of change (bathroom scale… not scientifically accurate) and it was $91.46. But it also had some nut shells and pesos in it… probably not a significant weight though.

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