Newly Cohabitating: Episode 1

As you know, Marisa and I are in the process of moving in together (well, I’m moving a selection of my crap into her place) and so our newest project was born.

I give you Newly Cohabitating: Episode 1. Yes, we’ve started an audio podcast! If we do it again we’ll launch a blog and all that good crap. Give it a listen (it is about 10 minutes long) and let us know if you want more.

10 responses to “Newly Cohabitating: Episode 1”

  1. OMG….it’s too funny listening to you guys. I could definitely “hear” the “air quotes.” The last time I co-habitated, I can definitely understand all of these things.
    Oh, and Scott….I would probably agree that Marisa has a different level of “stuff” than you do. Not because I’ve ever seen your stuff, but because I HAVE seen her stuff (and I also know how girls are).
    Anyways…good luck. Keep your sense of humor about you.

  2. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet (but will). But, wow! You’re just going to completely redesign your page and not even address it? That’s bold. Now, to listen ….

  3. And, now I’ve listened. Very, very good. I can’t wait for the next episode. It may be just as good as going to couples therapy.

  4. That was fun! It was like listening to the old radio days of Scott & Chris, except that Marisa’s voice is much prettier than that of Chris…. 😉 (Sorry Chris!) That, and you didn’t play “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

  5. I found this to be very witty. I think you should continue this pod cast.
    I agree that your a messy person, I should know. guess who?

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  7. That maid would be me and a higher caliber of stuff — haha, now that struck a very familiar chord. Oh, and the change falling out of your orifices? Those are the EXACT words I use to describe where the change comes from in our apt.

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