Blankbaby Manor to relocate to Apartment 2024

Ain't she cute?Yes, the rumors are true! I’m fixin’ to shack up with my little lady, Marisa. I am also, it would seem, slowly turning into a cowboy.

I’m not sure which of those two facts is more startling.

Marisa and I are quite enjoying being a couple, and have decided that it makes sense for me to completely uproot my life and uproot her life by moving all my earthly possessions into her well stocked, well lived in apartment on the lofty 20th floor. I have slowly been moving stuff over, and I’ll be completely moved in by the end of March (at least that’s when I have to be out of my apartment).

This will mark the first time in my five years in Philadelphia that I won’t be living on Pine Street. Wacky, huh?

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  1. You realize that I’m about to be forced to sing The Jefferson’s theme song, don’t you!? Because you are indeed moving up to a deee-luxe apartment in the sky!
    Congratulations Scott!! This is quite cool.

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