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Me at Macworld 2008

People flocked to themYou may have noticed that all has been quiet here at Blankbaby for the last week or so. That's because I found myself, once more, on the West Coast attending yet another Macworld (this marks my 4th Macworld). Apple announced some stuff (I'm not getting a MacBook Air, but I did buy a Time Capsule for those who are interested) and I met a great many people.

This Macworld was the best Macworld I have been to for both myself, and TUAW. We covered the heck out of the show, did some great videos (some of which I'll share below), and I had a chance to meet some TUAWers that heretofore were merely words on a screen to me.

In addition to all the TUAW goodness I got to see some fine Mac web folks that I have come to respect over the years, as well as meet some people whose work I admire. Thanks to the magic of Twitter I was finally able to meet both Jason Snell and Andy Ihnatko (Andy told me I am much slimmer than my Twitter icon made me out to me. I bet he says that to all the bloggers!). I even ran into, and interviewed, web maven Merlin Mann.

Overall Macworld 2008 reminded me that Mac folks are some of the best, and shortest, people out there. I mean really, people, it was tough for Chris to try and frame some of these interviews since I am seemingly a giant amongst the Mac people. What up with that?

Now some videos:

Veronica Belmont:

Walt Mossberg (who runs away at the end of the interview):

The always entertaining Merlin Mann (some have said Merlin and I should have our own show. What do you say, Merlin?):

The ever knowledgeable Chris Breen:

The iNo: