Fortune cookies know all


I found myself lunching at a local Chinese eatery near my work this afternoon, which is always a good time. As the meal was winding down the fortune cookies were passed around and I cracked mine open. The picture above is what was waiting for me in the cookie. ‘You look pretty.’ So very, very true. How did the cookie know?

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  1. That sounds an awful lot like the fortune “Every house has a toilet,” from that one episode of the Simpsons, i.e., that doesn’t sound like much of a fortune.
    Just sayin’, is all.

  2. I’ve gotten that fortune twice now, and it is still my very favorite fortune. Once, I got it when I was dining out with a now insignificant significant other who could never find it in his heart to compliment me. “At least SOMEONE thinks I look pretty,” I accused, glaring at him. It was a good day.
    Another time, at that same restaurant, I got a fortune that said, “You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a negative thing? I accosted the waitress and demanded another fortune cookie. I can’t remember what my second fortune was, but it was definitely less offensive.
    Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Is that from Beijing? I’m probably spelling that incorrectly. Anyway, my favorite fortune ever is also from there. It was “you will be very happy together.” At the time, I was eating lunch with Melissa Rosendorf.

  4. You should get some fortune cookies made with that exact fortune. It would nice to open up a cookie and find that fortune when you’re having a bad day and you could make someone else smile if you give them out. Hey, you could become Philadelphia’s good fortune fairy-hmm maybe not the best super hero to be. Anyway, there’s a fortune cookie factory that takes bulk order on 9th street, between Arch and Race.

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