Fork You live is… well, live

My mom called me today and asked, ‘Where the heck is this Fork You live video you blogged about?’ Since I’m a good son I will give my mom what she wants! I actually posted this video over at Fork You on Friday, but I know not everyone subscribes to all my blogs (what is wrong with you people?!).

The turn out was fantastic, and Foster’s was very happy with us (we even got to meet Ken Foster, which was cool. He’s the dude that owns the place!). There will be more episodes of Fork You filmed there, which is awesome.

We also had a great meeting with a number of folks who are interested in helping us out with Fork You, so expect that quality of our episodes to improve (I’m an OK editor but really I have very little idea what the hell I’m doing).

This is all very exciting! Maybe we’ll even make money on this thing or something.

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