Yes, I need a haircut


I’ve been told by a number of people that I need a haircut. FINE! I’m getting a haircut at 9am on Friday morning at American Male (I chronicled my first visit to American Male a long while ago. And yes, I’m getting the ‘Quality Grooming Experience,’ which includes a paraffin hand dip (so nice!) and 2 shampoos (I fully intend to get both, damn it!).

3 responses to “Yes, I need a haircut”

  1. I had a paraffin treatment a while ago then just decided to buy a paraffin treatment machine which only cost $25. It pays for itself after 3 treatments and you can do it all the time! Someone can put this on their xmas list for you now. Available at a drug store near you.

  2. That sounds far swankier than my hair cut experience (which involves my cousin Katie, a pair of scissors, and a stool in my kitchen)
    Enjoy your pampering!

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