I needed gloves, I bought a sweater

New Sweater 2

I may not be ‘sporty,’ but I am damned photogenic. Am I right, ladies (and 10% of the dudes)? I thought so.

Anywho, this winter found me, as most winters do, gloveless. I did buy some gloves last year but damned if I know where they are. Since would seem that winter has stuck here in Philly it was time to protect my precious hands (hey, I make my living using my hands so they are important to me). Off to the local EMS I went in search of gloves, and gloves only.

It is interesting to note that since I have lost 100 pounds over the last year I’ve going from a 4XL to a XXL. That, in and of itself, is worthy of pointing out (as often as possible) but there is a greater meaning to that: I can now pretty much buy clothes in any old ‘normal’ store. Most stores stock sizes S to 2XL as a matter of course (and I am only talking about men’s clothes here. Thank goodness I’m not a cross-dresser. I have no idea what the hell women’s clothes size mean.. but I like to image that I’m a size 0) and up to waist size 40 (42s can be found in most cases but 40 is pretty much the upper limit that I have encountered. Sadly, I’m a 42 waist, which is down from an all time high of 50). Since I fit into 2XL shirts/sweaters/coats now I often find myself looking around at clothes when I enter a store like EMS.

I quickly found some gloves that I liked and then wondered over to the sweaters. I’m a sweater guy. For some reason, the sweaters, they talk to me (though not literally because that would be crazy). One sweater caught my eye: the EMS Heritage Sweater. I figured they wouldn’t have my size, but I pawed through the stack and found a XXL. It was a bit pricey, but you only live once so I picked it up and when to check out. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the sweater was on sale! Uncle Scottycakes scores!

Above you see me in my new sweater staring into a lamp. I’m so attractive I could puke.

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